" all by yourself sitting alone, are we still friends, yeah. i hope you don't mind "


otr names : michael / nikolai / yuji + more

she/he 🔪 minor, polysexual / polyam, bpd/asd/c-ptsd ★ hispanic / quarter black , single (open) ✞ agere, xnxp/xntj (9w1).

retrospring, rentry, spcehey, prns page . . . .

" Hate on me or leave me be. I don't care . . "


Biology, Philosophy, Psychology, True Crime, Horror, Vintage, Vampires, Okegom, Dark Colors, Qsmp, Roses, Orange Tiger Lilies, Fashion, Persona, Sonic The Hedgehog, Skating, Lost in the cloud, Psychocuties, Black Butler, Law Of Talos, My Student Spirit, Voltron, Bsd, Metal Family, Hxh, Seraph of the End, Horimiya, Ohshc, Tbhk, Death Note, Sk8, The Black Phone, Beyblade, Coraline, Idv, Spiderman, Enstars, Splatoon, Omori, Cod, hsr, Sally Face, Resident Evil 6, Cry Of Fear, Bokura no Katakoi Melancholy, ThxSoMch, Alternative, Any type of Metal, Bad Omens, Kanii, Bad Bunny, Montana99, Këkht Aräkh, KMFDM, Isabel LaRosa, FNAF: Flaming Flowers, The Path Of Freedom, From The Red Fog, making hcs.


weird okegomies, freaks, dazai "kinnies", people who just try to hit on me when i don't want them, people who make fun of my interests, people who hate on my friends, weird ass stalkers on my socials, copycats of other people, people who dgaf about my interests.

✞ BYF!

1) I Use Slurs That I Can Reclaim (Rarely) 2) Please Use Tone Tags on Me.. It Helps Me Understand More! 3) I Make Sexual Jokes Sometimes 4) I Struggle W Expressing My Emotions 5) I Get Pissed Off Easily 6) Most of the Time I Talk Neutral (I Apologize if I Sound Mad) 7) Im Sensitive 8) I have a lot of mood swings 9) Sometimes I Don't Know What I'm Doing Wrong ..So Please Lmk If I Did Something Bad 10) I get attached easily 11) I have... bad anger issues 12) I forget a lot. 13) I also have therapy..So I may not be online much.. 14) You can call me anything you want.. Just not anything weird 15) I often seem careless of your feelings. If we are not friends. or close. 16) I lash out if you annoy me. 17) I am over protective of my friends. 18) I get grounded a bunch of times which makes me be inactive in stuff. 19) I have bad trauma with cismales so please don't be weird?. 20) since i have history w toxic ppl in the past, it affects my behavior.

✞ DNI!

Anyone except Basic Dni ... is welcome. I block when I see you as a weirdo.


Reki Kyan (Sk8)
Nikolai Gogol (Bsd)
15! Osamu Dazai (Bsd)
Itadori Yuji (Jjk)
nakahara chuuya (bsd)
macalo (ftrf)
mimi (pc)
andrew kreiss (idv)
ada (idv)
kokichi ouma (danganronpa)
hyde (beyblade)
kevin (sm)
streber (sm)
grell sutcliff (bb)
goro akechi (persona)
ren amamiya/akira kurusu (persona)
angel dust (hh)
michael afton (fnaf)
misa amane (dn)
yeon skylar (litc)
baek cirrus (litc)
Megumi Fushiguro (jjk)
Fyodor Dostoevsky (bsd)
sunny (omori)
basil (omori)
Ryunosuke Akutagawa (bsd)
highlighted = very high
bold = somewhat high
normal font = medium


1) Instagram : insomniackiddo (ia)
2) Discord: insomniackiddo (ia)
3) Twitter: insomniack1ddo (ia)
4) tiktok : insomniackiddo (ia)
5) Artfight
6) Youtube
7) spacehey (active)

.friends. : my husband dazzie/p, Kira, Ray, Elias, Atsu, Michael, Lucas, Kolya, Dylan, Daiki, Fyo, Zai, Xenon, Elijah, Miya, Luca, Luna, Sebby, osamu, drella ! ! (Underlined names are links)